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Dancing Waters Farm - Mostly Mohair

"Farm Fresh Fiber" where you "Know Your Yarn"

Fresh from the mill:
Corespun yarn to stripe in natural colors (white, brown, grey) spun to created  6-8 stripes per 2 pound bump.
Starry Nights roving: dark blue, purple and black with yellow highlights - designed for handhooking or weaving night skies - divine!

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Batts, Roving and Top




Kits & Rugs


About DWF

Home of "farm fresh fiber".  You will "know your fiber" as all fiber products include the name of the animal(s) that produced it as well as the type of fiber - you won't get that from a commercial store! Since the late 1990's I've run a small NJ farm producing 100% USA made, one of a kind fiber products. Most of my animals are rescues or seniors living full happy lives on the farm with funding from  product sales.  I raise Angora goats and Shetland sheep as well as endangered chicken breeds (Australorp, Chantecler, Delaware, Dominique, Favorelle). All products are made using fiber from my animals or combined with fiber purchased from other small USA farmers. Hand made products are made in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, USA while machine processed yarn and roving are made at small mills in the USA. To learn more about natural fibers please take a look at my "Fiber Facts" brochure. 

Most commercial yarn is made of plastic (acrylic, etc.) which is why it's relatively cheap.  Creating fiber products is also incredibly labor intensive which is why yarn is primarily spun in under developed countries to reduce costs. 

NOTE: Shipping is included up to one pound, for larger quantities please contact me for pricing.  Contact me for at the farm pricing if you would like to pick up products.

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Batts, Roving, Top

Used for: Felting, Hand Spinning, Fly Tying Lure Materials, Knitting or Crocheting, Locker Rug Hooking
Colors: Natural - white, cream, taupe, light and dark grey
Hand dyed - hand painted to stripe, random color schemes, custom dying available
Recent color schemes: Peacock, Iris, Clematis, Wildflowers, Green with Envy
Content: Mohair, Wool (Primarily Blue Faced Leceister, Shetland, Jacob, Icelandic), Llama
Pricing: $2 / ounce through $30 / 16 ounces (Shipping included).

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Buy a CSA agreement and you get the products from one of my animals for a year! Your purchase not only provides you with "fresh from the farm" products, but also helps keep a small family farm in business! This is a family farm dedicated to providing a humane, animal friendly environment.


& Fleeces & Other

Peacock, Dominique, Delaware or Ameraucana Chicken Feathers Available.

Washed Mohair - White Adult $12 - White Kid $18; Colored Adult $14 - Colored Kid $24
OR $1/ounce Adult.  No natural colored Mohair fleeces available (as of Sep. 2015). 
Dyed adult mohair available for $2/ounce: blue, purple, red, pink, orange, green, yellow.

Washed Shetland (white, grey, brown), Blue Faced Leicester,  Grey Wensleydale x Romney, Grey Romney, Coopworth (Grey) fleeces available.   Prices range from $16-20/pound depending on the fleece.  Portions of fleeces may be purchased.
NOTE: Fleeces lose 30-50% of their weight when washed. I only sell washed fleeces (unless by special arrangement) to ensure you receive the highest quality fiber ready to use.  Many fiber faults are easily overlooked in a raw fleece and thus to avoid disappointments I prefer to sell only high quality, low VM, clean fleeces. 

Raw wool always available for fly tying lures; please email for a quote based on how much you need.
Washed wool for stuffing is also available.

Skins (sadly my animals do not live forever): cream kid mohair (1 year old - Mocha), grey adult mohair (13 years old - Jewel, would make nice gloves as staple length is very short).  All have relatively short staple length (1" at most), and are small in size.  $50 each plus shipping.   Sheepskins currently sold out.

Pot Woolies: $1 for a quart bag (plus shipping), raw wool for use in the bottom of your pots or planters to provide drainage, aeration and natural fertilizer for your plants.

Organic Catnip:  $3/ ounce (plus shipping).  Cat tested and approved by Dancing Waters Farm's Ozzie and Jasper.  Never sprayed with pesticides and only naturally fertilized by the chickens.  I would not give my cats catnip that had been sprayed with anything!!


Kits & Rugs

Felting, Knitting, Crocheting, Spinning Kits, Fiber Samplers - custom kits can be built to meet your needs, please just ask! I have some 4 ounce sample kits in muliple colors already packaged that I will be posting to the web site.

Hand made punched needle rugs made from my hand spun and mill spun fibers. Sample Rooster Rug approximately 12" x 12" shown at right.  Also hand woven rugs.  Custom rugs and spinning, contact me with your specific requirements for a quote. 



Hand spun: Natural (white, cream, dark and light grey, single color or mixed color plies ie-tweed), Hand painted: Navajo (3) ply
Mill spun: My fibers or my fibers combined with fibers from other small USA farmers, washed here on the farm and processed by Zeilinger's in Frankenmuth MI, Cloudberry Yarn in NJ, Spinderella's in Utah, Sweitzer's or Gurdy Run in PA.  Unlike other yarn sources, when you buy from Dancing Waters Farm you'll know exactly which animals produced the fiber and where it was processed in each step to the final fiber product.
Natural colors: 2 ply white, grey, cream, and white/cream; 1 ply white, cream. Hand dyed also available.
Pricing: $18-30/4 ounce skein depending on thickness, dyed vs natural, mill vs hand spun (Shipping included).

Most yarn is best suited for outerwear such as sweaters or mittens, for braiding, or for weaving rugs, as mohair is the most durable natural fiber, and most yarns contain mohair from goats more than 3 years of age. See the specific yarn description for suggested uses as some products contain kid or yearling mohair and fine wools.

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Free Patterns: Rigid Heddle Weaving eBook (Interweave Press)

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